Covid -19 Update

Covid -19 Update

---------------------------- COVOID-19 UPDATE - FRI MAR 27 ----------------------------

Seaside continues to operate out of our home state of Rhode Island.

Currently RI has been successfully managing a mitigation protocol that allows for certain non-essential businesses to remain open while using protective/preventive measures on-site and remote employees where possible. These have been extended to April 13th. Seaside has been able to operate within these provisions with few limitations to date while continuing to protect the health and welfare of our employees and community.

While we are able to receive and build orders on a generally usual basis, shipping has required extra attention due to various state restriction on logistics and travel. We will confirm every step in the process to ensure a shipment can be made and received on route to its final destination. Please be ready and aware with any order to verify and validate your hours of operation and ability to receive and deliver goods in your area.

Seaside will maintain a clear line of communication every step of the way and we appreciate your attention and cooperation during these challenging times.

As always we will seek to maintain our ability to serve you and your customers for as long as the situation permits and it remains safe and responsible to do so.

Thank You,
Seaside Casual Furniture