Salt-crust Rib-Eye Steak (from Geri Hochgatterer, Cooklounge BBQ)

Salt-crust Rib-Eye Steak (from Geri Hochgatterer, Cooklounge BBQ)

It's nearly the weekend and so it must be time to try another of Geri Hochgatterer's tasty grill recipes. 

This week we have salt-crust rib-eye steak, which you can cook on a stone in the Monolith grill.  

The salt crust acts as insulation and helps cook the food in an even and gentle manner - simultaneously roasting, steaming and seasoning

After baking, the golden-brown salt crust shell is cracked open, resulting in moist and evenly cooked food.

Salt-Crust Rib-Eye Steak


Rib eye steak 

(Note: the perfect thickness of a rib eye steak is at least 3 cm)

2 kg fine table salt 

4 large eggs,

1 orange, zested

Olive oil 

A generous selection of fresh garden herbs 

Freshly milled pepper


First separate the eggs

Beat the egg whites in a bowl until frothy, gradually stir in the salt to make the salt crust mixture.

Preheat the Monolith grill to 250 ° C  and using direct heat,  sear the steak on both sides and set aside

Once the steak has been sealed, you can add the stone to the Monolith to pre-heat it.

Take a sheet of baking paper (sized to cover your ceramic stone) and spread enough of the salt mixture on the baking paper to allow your piece of steak to be completely surrounded  

Next, completely cover the salt mixture with half of the herbs.

Place the steak on the herbs, lightly pepper it and sprinkle with orange zest. 

Completely cover the top of the steak with the rest of the herbs and then spread the rest of the salt mixture on top. 

It is important that the salt mixture is evenly distributed over the whole piece of steak and that the meat is well enclosed. Now press the salt mixture into place to form a sealed parcel.

Reduce the Monolith temperature to 180 ° C and place the baking paper containing the salt crust parcel on the now heated stone.

Cook the steak on the stone with the lid closed for 20 minutes until the salt crust is hard. 

The steak can now be removed from the grill and salt removed.

Drizzle a little olive oil on the meat and serve.