Designer Garden Chairs

8 RESULTS in our Designer Garden Chairs Range

Adirondack Shellback Chair

This Seaside Casual exclusive Shellback design cradles you perfectly.Manufactured from recycled plastic, this beautiful chair has a lifetime guarantee...
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Mad Fusion Chat Chair

Winner of the 2016 ICFA Design Excellence Award, the Mad Fusion Chat Chair offers Adirondack comfort in lounge seating, and expands personalization wi...
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Designer Adirondack Chair

An authentic design inspired by New England ingenuity, craftsmanship and ruggedness. These sturdy pieces complement any lawn, garden, porch or seascap...
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Charcoal 5ft Newport Bench

Simple, timeless and beautiful. The Newport 5' bench is a classic English style bench that provides a seat from which to admire a garden or to enjoy t...
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