Quan Premium Medium


Quan Premium Medium


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Product Overview

Quan is a result of a long engineering process and many tests. Our goal was not only to make it look like a piece of art, but also to make it very functional. We developed it together with our Quan Chefs, through carefully listening to all their opinions and suggestions.

The top plate is made of 15mm tempered carbon steel and can reach temperature over 400° C in the center area. The outer area remains slightly cooler which is perfect to control the speed of cooking. The inner bowl, which is made of stainless steel, isolates the outside bowl from direct fire to keep it cooler. The base guarantees stability and serves as an air intake for the fireplace. Inside the base there is an ashtray installed, which enables easy removal of ash from the bottom of the fireplace. There is also an adjustable air intake - as part of our airflow design - which allows to control the intensity of fire. 

Quadro design line features sharp edges and elegant proportions. All products are available in either corten, carbon or stainless steel.

All Quan Line products are available in either Corten or Carbon finishes. Material thickness is 1.5mm. Top plate thickness is 10mm. All fireplaces are equipped with airflow regulation and inner bowl made of stainless steel.


- Top plate 80x80 (15 mm)

- Air flow system
- Rain Cover
- Grill Cover
- Spatulas

Fireplate Size 80 x 80 cm

Fireplace Thickness 15mm

Product Weight 113 kg

Removable Ashtray

Bowl & Base Metal Thickness 2 mm

Advanced Airflow Adjustment